A little bit about us

When we sold our previous cattery, we had, at that time, 14 rescue cats who all naturally made the move with us. It was important to find the right property to enable us to cat proof the garden for them all. We found the ideal place in Isleham which made things easier as it was not too far to ferry the cats (in several trips!). Since 2004 we have homed/taken in a large number of kittens, cats, both pregnant and injured. Numbers have increased somewhat and although we have found lots of lovely homes and super new owners, we have at this moment in time 29 cats. I think it is fair to say we not only love them all, but our life revolves around them. As numbers grew, costs also increased, so it seemed only natural to open another small cattery which would hopefully help to support the rescue cats, as quite a number due to health and other reasons will stay with us for the rest of their lives. Isleham Cattery is situated in the village of Isleham, perfectly located for the surrounding towns and villages.

About our Chalets

The chalets offered for boarding at Isleham Cattery are all family size which are large enough to house up to 4 cats, although only cats from the same household may share. Chalets are full height with adjoining covered runs.Tinted roofs are used to protect cats from harmful UV rays. Chalets have full height sneeze barriers so cats can see each other but are unable to make contact. There are also 2 ‘gaps’ between each pair of chalets to ensure plenty of air circulation and minimise risk of infection. All chalets are heated and overlook the garden. We also have removable, purpose built weather screens for protection against the elements. Isleham Cattery is also built and managed to Feline Advisory Bureau Standards.